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Map of US military operations in Africa, followed by an overview of the Boko Haram in Nigeria and all the Al-Qaeda aligned terrorist groups across Africa and Middle-East as they continue their operations. We provide a closer look at Boko Haram and al-Shabaab organization - READ MORE
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In this section we present the official U.S. government statements, public opinion polls and general comments America makes about Africa to keep Africa officialdom aware of the Africa temperament in the USA –and to see “What America Sees” –– in this post we report on a historic victory of a Somali-American Muslim woman in U.S. Legislative Elections; followed by a reprint of a Commentary which appeared in the recent issue of The New Yorker Magazine-READ MORE
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Conversely this section presents comments by Africa which the U.S. and other overseas quarters should be aware of and understand. Current posting reports on Africa’s major gate for those trying to get to Europe – Tebu,Libya on the Sahara Desert -READ MORE
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Overview of the Africa’s economics, business, investments and banking. In this posting we name the top 10 philanthropists in Africa. Followed by an insightful article of Sub-Sahara economic standing, plus a report of Recent Africa airlines meeting and the Open Skies developments. Africa Development Bank President warns of coming economic problems, followed by a report “Africa Loses More Money to Illicit Financial Flows Than It Receives in Foreign Aid”-READ MORE
Our Editor-in-Chief reports on his visit to the Seychelles Islands – his conclusion – FABULOUS and recommends for you to put Seychelles on your bucket list. Take a read of our visit to the land of the Black Pharaohs, Nubia, Sudan – followed by TENERIFE – the sophisticated island retreat off Africa’s Atlantic coast with much to offer any visitor. Nairobi art galleries get a review and a look at Nairobi’s oldest hotel, the Stanley and it’s fabulous Exchange Bar. -READ MORE
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The global art world discovers contemporary artists, and is ready with $$$ millions - plus one of Nigeria’s most accomplished artist – Peju Alatisa, who is now a Museum Fellow of the African Art Museum in Washington D.C. With all the political events taking place in Egypt, its history and grandeur still comes to life - until a decade ago, no one knew of, an ancient harbor city Heracleion -READ MORE


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Unique airliner restaurant on the way to the Accra airport. Safari Cuisine overview. Followed by Art of Sushi-Making African-Style. The unique drinks of Africa. Then we tell you of Morocco and its saffron crop. France's cherished culinary tradition holds big attraction for foreign visitors. But few tourists realize that many chefs and most kitchen staff in Paris and other big cities are immigrants from Africa. Review of a classic Nairobi restaurant Carnivore.-READ MORE
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"Foreign Gods, Inc." a new must-read book by a Nigerian author reviewed. Nelson Mandela's autobiography turned into a film – our review. From orphan to author, the self-help guru is turning the spiritual world upside down by exploring a new concept, African Spirituality. “Our ancestors believed in African deities and gained their strength to survive one of the worst atrocities in American history," Followed by a review of a book by the President of Ghana “My First Coup D'état” – and a review of a 19th Century travel book of West Africa by Mary Kingsley, published in 1892, a must read before your visit to Sierra Leone - READ MORE


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Pope Francis to Visit Africa This September

The Vatican announced Pope Francis will visit three African countries this September, stopping in Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius. The Vatican reported that during the Sept. 4-10 Africa trip Pope Francis will stop in the capitals: Maputo in Mozambique, Antananarivo in Madagascar and Port Louis in Mauritius. Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi said his country invited Francis last year and that the pontiff accepted "in principle, as long as his health allowed." This scheduled trip will be the third time the Pope Francis has visited to Africa – in 2015 he came to Kenya, Uganda and CAR, and in 2017 he visited Egypt. And in terms of Mozambique, this will be the second papal visit to the southern African nation since John Paul II visited 30 years ago, then helping the country on its path to peace and reconciliation, President Nyusi recalled.



An American company has claimed to have obtained a license to grow marijuana in Kenya where the commodity is still illegal, the privately-owned Business Daily website reports. "This is the first of several critical transactions that will transform [our company] into a relevant member of the burgeoning cannabis industry,” stated GoIP Global Inc chairman Ike Sutton. "The lease term will be for 25 years and Kenya being on the Equator provides the best conditions for all-year round production," the chairman went on to say, he added that he met Kenyan officials to secure the deal, but the Kenyan government denied issuing any such license. While there is a trend towards legalization in some parts of the US and Europe, progress has been much slower in African nations. South Africa has the most liberal attitude perhaps, after its highest court legalized the use of cannabis by adults in private places.


A South Sudanese activist who was studying for a PhD at Cambridge University has been charged with terrorism having already spent "eight months in detention with limited contact with the outside world", AFP reports. The news agency says Peter Biar Ajak, 35, was detained in July last year following comments he made criticizing the failure of South Sudan's political leaders to bring five years of brutal civil war to an end. At the high court in Juba, prosecutor Deng Acuil charged Mr. Biar with sabotage against the state, banditry, possession of firearms and public disorder.


Zambian opposition leader has spent the weekend in police cells after he was arrested for allegedly defaming President Edgar Lungu. Sean Tembo, who leads the Patriots for Economic Progress (PEP), made a series of posts on social media in which he questioned President Lungu’s mental state. He accused Mr Lungu of possibly suffering from a mental illness, which he said might be to blame for what he called "recent poor decisions". His message was: "We do not believe that someone who is mentally fit would decide to spend [millions] of tax payers’ money to purchase a private jet for himself at a time that he is failing to pay salaries for civil servants, council workers, local government workers as well as parastatal workers." Arrests of opposition leaders in Zambia are not new and there have been complaints about the shrinking tolerance levels among political players.


Authorities in Ghana say they will introduce speed limit devices to prevent traffic accidents in the country, where an average of six people die on the roads every day. Commercial vehicles with engine capacities of 3.5 liters or more will be targeted. The top speed will be set depending on the type of vehicle. The announcement follows the deaths of more than 60 people in two recent accidents. Speeding, dangerous overtaking and drunk driving are just some of the major causes of accidents on Ghana’s roads. Available statistics from the national road safety commission show that in the first two months of this year more than 400 people died in road accidents, while last year more than 2,000 such deaths were recorded.


The son of the former Angolan president has been released from prison, where he was being held on charges of embezzlement. José Filomeno dos Santos had been detained for seven months. He was accused of attempting to steal $1.5bn when he was head of Angola's sovereign wealth fund. He was appointed to that role in 2013 by his father, who was President at the time. But he was sacked last year by current President João Lourenço who came to power in 2017. Prosecutors announced they had recovered all the financial and other assets of the Angolan sovereign wealth fund. Mr. dos Santos' lawyer said the legality of his client's detention had expired weeks ago.


A major new inquiry into oil companies operating in the Niger Delta has been launched by the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu. The probe will investigate "environmental and human damage" in Nigeria's vast oil fields. "This Commission will investigate the human and environmental impact of multinational oil company activity and is crucial to the prosperous future of the people of Bayelsa and their environment, Nigeria and hopefully to other oil-producing nations," he said. Nigeria is Africa's largest oil producer. The country's crude oil production -- estimated at over 300 million liters per day -- makes up 70 percent of the Nigerian government's revenue. This new commission, convened by Bayelsa Governor Seriake Dickson, says that it wants to make oil companies in the region more accountable.


The auction of 40 artefacts taken from the ancient kingdom of Dahomey during a French military campaign in the 19th century, and then kept as part of a private collection for decades in France, was cancelled following a dramatic intervention by African activists in the city of Nantes. The objects are set to be returned to Benin. What started out as a regular sale at the "Salorges enchères" auction house in the northwest city of Nantes turned into a public debate about pros and cons of returning artefacts taken out of Africa during France's colonial era. While the auctioneers were busy preparing the 40 artefacts mainly consisting of spears and battle axes from the ancient kingdom of Dahomey, Thomas Bouli, president of Afrique Loire, was working out how best to prevent the sale from going ahead.




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