The businesses and governments of the 50 states
in the U.S. and the 54 nations in Africa
are poised to do business with each other…

Not all of them will qualify and those who do,
will need to understand each other’s ways
of doing business.”

Africa Consult Group

Chinyere Charles Anyiam, the founder and editor-in-chief of The African Times/USA made this statement during the Republic of South Africa Economic Summit ‘98 hosted by The African Times in Los Angeles, California.

It was this statement that led to the creation of the AfricaConsult Group. The African Times Publications Management Committee determined that the company, its staff and international resources should be made available to the businesses and governments who wished to do business with each other and expand each other’s opportunities.

The Economist magazine of London served as the Group’s conceptual format. Just as their Economist Intelligence Unit utilizes the media and news gathering resources of its publications, so would the Africa Consult Group use the news and information resources of The African Times in providing consultancy and insight services to its clients. The Africa Consult Group came to being in December 1998.

The AfricaConsult Group is headquartered in California, the world’s 6th largest economy, a global lifestyle trendsetter, and almost an overpowering media hub that greatly influences the future the global economy.

The Group is headed by Ronald S. Mracký whose full credentials are listed in “Who’s Who in the World” and “Who’s Who in Finance and Industry. ” His career of consultancy ranges from tourism development and promotion to economic development programs for governments and major marketing efforts by fortune 500 companies. He and the staff provide the service core of the Group for clients headquartered in Africa or the U.S.

Director  Mracky served as the Executive Director of the International Institute for Advanced International Studies during the international period of strife and formation of OPEC,  and  the independence period of Africa.  His familiarity with today's and tomorrow’s issues are well documented and recognized.









The African Times, as the only U.S. based, edited, and published national news and opinion journal with Africa as its editorial focus, is recognized as “Africa’s Influential Media Voice in America.” Since 1989 The African Times has contributed measurably to better understanding and greater awareness of Africa, most specially in Washington D.C. and the general U.S. media. The biweekly circulation of 86,000 with substantial pass-along readership provides 2 million impressions each year, making The African Times/USA an important thought and purpose conduit between Africa and the United States, plus a media-of-choice for the African Émigré communities in America.

Conversely, on the other side of the Atlantic, The African Times-USA has been instrumental in providing insight to Africa’s public and private sectors, as to what makes the U.S. think the way it does.

Just as The African Times mission is for economic and social betterment between the Continent and the United States, the mission of the Africa Consult Group is to assist with the resources, know-how and networking, for the development and integration of Africa and her various economies and markets into the global marketplace.

The “Bottom-Line”

For the African side we provide counsel and services to understand and penetrate the U.S. marketing and communications barriers.

Investment and financing programs.
Tourism promotion & infrastructure development.
Export product development & promotion.
International media, press & PR programs.
Repositioning of indigenous industries for export.

For the U.S. side we provide an insight and an entrée to the 54 nations, many endowed with vast natural resources, need for infrastructure development and with substantial and growing consumer markets. In short, if you wish to take part in Africa’s growth and development - consumer and public works projects - we can assist.

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