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       Published biweekly by The African Times Publications,

       wholly owned company of The African Times Holdings/USA

       5155 West Rosecrans Avenue, Suite 213, Hawthorne, California 90250

       Tel: (310) 644-0315 -- Fax: (310) 644-5507



Biweekly national news journal, in tabloid size, edited and published in the US since 1989. 

Per issue circulation 86,000, with 1.6 pass-along readership -- e.g. 137,600 impressions.

Full page b/w one time national rate $5,600 - 4 color full page, one time rate $8,400 USD.

Ad sizes from 1/8 page and up.  Publication trim size: 11-1/2”x15” with five 2” col across.




The AFRICAN TIMES-USA, a national news journal, has become Africa’s most influential publication in America.  As the masthead states “Africa’s Media Voice in America, Since 1989” reporting news and issues of Africa not covered by mainstream US and Canadian media.  Editorial focus is from a pan-African perspective.  Subjects cover: news, business, politics, entertainment, art, travel, food and information relevant to the African-Émigré, African-American and the Afrophile readers and communities.  Special editorial attention is given to the 3 million African-Émigré and the African-Expatriates living in the US.  Special features define: Africa’s impact on American lifestyle and cultural heritage, business and investment opportunities, travel and tourism development and promotion.



       CEO/Founder/Editor-In-Chief - Charles Chinyere Anyiam (

       Chairman/Editorial Board - Tyrone S. Johnson 

       Editor-At-Large - Nor Kymarac -- Contributing Editor - Mary Ellen Schultz

       Travel Editor - Sylvia Frommer-Mracky (

       Accra, Ghana Bureau  - Kafui Gale-Zoiku -- Lagos, Nigeria Bureau - Anthony C. Nzotta  

       Johannesburg, South Africa Bureau  - Phindile Xaba



       Africa based editorial bureau offices are in Ghana and Nigeria, with direct press relationships

       in most of the 53 African Union capitals.



       24 issues per year.  Issue dates: 1st and 15th of each month.  Closings: 10 days prior to issue date.



       National:  Single copy $1.00.  Subscription (mailed) per year $30.00


            Total     Non-Pd     Paid    (Sub)    (Single)    (Assoc.)   In-Africa   Other Overseas     

            85,932     4,682   81,250   62,981   18,269          -0-         1,304             216


6. CIRCULATION NOTES: Free copies are provided in the First and Business Class cabins

       of African airlines on their trans-Atlantic flights from US to Africa; plus the US White House, the        UN Hq. Delegations, select US Government offices and select NGO offices.


       Single Copy Newsstand Sales in select markets: Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York and        other metro markets.   Current and archival copies available at most major US universities and        colleges, including on line at ProQuest/Information and Learning. 


7. CORPORATE SPONSORSHIPS of full page standing sections; Food, Sports, Entertainment,

       are available on semi-annual and annual basis at negotiated rates.




            Full page       $5,600             1/3 page       $2,400

            1/2 page       3,300             1/4 page       2,000

            Jr. page       3,300             1/8 page       1,050




            Full page       $4,200             1/3 page       $1,950

            1/2 page       2,600             1/4 page       1,500

            Jr. page       2,600             1/8 page          860




            Full page       $3,000             1/3 page       $1,750

            1/2 page       2,000             1/4 page       1,050

            Jr. page       2,000             1/8 page          650


            * Commission of 15% to Recognized Advertising Agencies


11. COLOR RATES -- 2nd color extra 25% --  4/C full page 40% extra  --  4/C 1/2 & Jr. page 50% extra


12.  LOS ANGELES LOCAL RATES - Circulation 25,000 Los Angeles County - Non-Commissionable


                          Automotive         Entertainment      Merchants/Restaurants

                          Dealerships       Travel Agencies      Professional Services


            Full page        $1,530        $1,300                 N/A

            1/2 or Jr. page      1,011           860                  N/A

            1/3 page          543            462                  $375

            1/4 page          440            374                    308

            1/8 page          240            204                    170


13. OTHER “LOCAL” MARKETS - Rates for other than Los Angeles markets vary and are negotiated

       and must be approved in writing by the publisher or National Marketing Director.


14. FREQUENCY DISCOUNTS - Per contract - retroactive OK to annual anniversary date


       6-10 less 10%       11-15 less 15%         16-20 less 20%              21-24 less 25%


15. PRODUCTION REQUIREMENTS - Publication is run on web with 85 line screen. 

       Whenever possible forward reflective art (paste ups with veloxes in position) with repro negs. 

       E-mail OK via JPeg or BMP Bitmap to:


       Mailing Address:       The AFRICAN TIMES-USA - Production

                  5155 West Rosecrans Avenue, Suite 213

                  Hawthorne, California 90250




The editorial content of The African Times attracts a variety of Africa-interest readers, each group utilizes the information we publish, news we report and the opinions we present for differing uses and purposes.


Our Readers Fit Four Major Categories:


       46% African-American             28% African-Émigré & Expatriates


       18% Afrophile / Euro-American         08% Business/Professional Addresses


The above percentages are imprecise; in great measure they constitute professional assumptions based on review of subscriber names, zip code data and business or organization name/addresses.


Within the consumer reader groups we have been able to conclude certain specifics useful in making media and marketing decision about The African Times.  The following apply:


       Men              55.7%        Took domestic trip/1 yr.   87.3%  

       Women            44.3%        Took foreign trip/3 yr.    44.9%

       Married            50.5%        Took cruise/3yr.        19.5%

       Median HH income      $50,900       Passport ownership      34.1%

       Personal income         $39,900       Buy traveler checks/1 yr.   42.3%

       College graduate       41.8%        Major credit cards       89.6%

       Graduate degree*       28.3%        American Express/Gold   18.7%

       Own residence        67.6%        Frequent flyer program    38.9%

       Median age          38 yr.        Car one or more        90.9%

       Professional/Mng       58.0%        Cars tow or more       59.1%


The typical consumer reader of The African Times-USA is solidly middle class, professional, with many owning their own businesses.  They have a propensity for foreign travel; the African-Émigré and the Expatriates primarily for family/holiday travel and the African-America for leisure/holiday travel to the Caribbean and heritage travel to Africa.  In this regard we have noted that there is an increase in leisure travel to West and South Africa, with a notable increase to East Africa.  The Afrophile readers are frequent travelers to North, East and South Africa.


The business, professional an organizational readers are interested in the business, investment and political happenings and reports carried by The African Times.  This group of subscribers, on both sides of the Atlantic are becoming more active in the US administration’s new trade emphasis with Africa.


       * The African-Émigré in general have a higher incidence of Graduate School Degrees,

          in many cases earned as “foreign students” in the US.


            The AFRICAN TIMES-USA

                     5155 West Rosecrans Avenue, Suite 213

                     Hawthorne, California 90250


                     Tel: (310) 644-0315 -- Fax: (310) 644-5507





Production Specifications


      Publication Size:        11.5” x 15” (trim)


      Print Live Area:     10.25” x 12.5”


      Column Width:      2” with 5 column wide page           Total Inches


                  1 Col.   2 Col.   3 Col.   4 Col.   5 Col.

                     2”       4”       6”       8”      10”


      Full Page:         10.25” x 12.5” (non bleed only)              62.5”


      Half Page:        10” (5 col.) x 6.5” horizontal                32.0”


      Jr. Page:         3 Col. (6”) x 10”                       30.0”

                  4 Col. (8”) x 8.25”                     33.0”

                  (Special 7” x 9” size can be accommodated by special                                                             request and with production dept. acceptance only!)


       Third Page:         3 Col. (6”) x 6.5”                      19.5”


      Quarter Page:       2 Col. (4”) x 6.5”                      13.0”


      6th Page”         2 Col. (4”) x 3.5”                        7.0”





      H/T Screen:       85 Screen (minimum)

      Art Formats:       Reflective (paste-up) and/or CD/Mac and/or JPG Format


      Ship To:          The African Times - Production

                  5155 West Rosecrans Avenue, Suite 213

                  Hawthorne, California 90250




                  Tel:    (310) 644-0315

                  Fax:    (310) 644-5507

This Media Information  is presented in the format per Standard Rate & Data Service (SRDS). Where The African Times is listed under category 5A .

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