Investor Relations

The African Times Publications, Inc. (The TIMES) is a privately held California Corporation, established in 1989, with editorial offices in Hawthorne in the suburban Los Angeles of Southern California, USA.

After over thirty years of publishing The African Times/USA ™ biweekly news journal with controlled circulation targeting such distinguished outlets as the White House, the Congress, embassies, academia, and related government agencies, The TIMES has been referenced as “Africa’s Influential Media Voice in America, Since 1989”.

Now in its rebranding phase as a startup within the digital marketing media space, The TIMES utilizes its proprietary TOUCH-POINT™ methodology to provide major marketers a low-profile system for their brands positioning with, and to the 47 million-strong Black consumer market primarily in the United States.

The editorial focus of is directed at reinforcing how best to utilize the multi-faceted information stream in influencing the purchasing habits and power of the Black and Mixed-Culture consumer demography, and how it affects lifestyle decisions within today’s brand-conscious world.

TOUCH-POINT ™ concept within our proprietary PERCEPTION ANALYTICS™ is a cutting-edge combination of new media approaches and insights directed at activating people and group-specific behavior and their psycho-graphics in relation to brands and concepts of the New World Marketing Order.

The portal operates an e-commerce component – Africa Shopping Mart ™ where Black and African product categories – grocery specialties, wines, cosmetics, books, and Black literature are available to be ordered and be home-delivered (currently ONLY within the USA).

Major holdings of The TIMES include the print and digital versions of The African Times/USA ™ which are registered with the U.S. Library of Congress ISSN 2166-823X (print) and ISSN 2166-8213 (online).

Additional intellectual property/assets are led by Africa Quarterly™, a media marketing tool published in a sleek magazine format celebrating such iconic events and topical issues as the U.S. celebrated African American historic celebrations, and the African Union’s (AU) sanctioned Africa Day celebrations. This magazine was designed as a client-and-advertiser-sponsored, with content and graphics provided by The TIMES, with press runs of over a million copies.

Simply put, The TIMES and its various service-delivery and analytical attributes are one of the more dynamic digital media and digital product delivery startups, positioned to serve a burgeoning market that boasts lots of expendable revenue.