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Shopping at our AFRICA SHOPPING MART for that exotic TASTE OF AFRICA will be well worth your while. Open to different vendors from across the pan-African world, a market away from home. AKWAABA!

As still the indisputable ‘Queen of Gospel’, Mahalia Jackson had a powerful voice in the Civil Rights Movement during her lifetime. As she traveled throughout Jim Crow’s South with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., her obvious influence in King’s historic 1963 speech is captured in the ART, STYLE & ENTERTAINMENT section.


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Our portal provides accurate currency conversions for a wide range of currencies, allowing you to quickly and easily calculate exchange rates. Whether you’re traveling abroad or conducting business overseas, our currency converter makes it easy to stay on top of the latest exchange rates. 

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The many faces of Africa around the world remains largely unheralded, unknown and at times, mythical. Weekly, our editors identify various subjects about Africa and unpack them for you.

A segment of the global consumer market most often overlooked by both corporate and private marketers/ agencies is the multi-billion dollar (USD) Pan African market.