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Ready To Migrate to The United States of America? Here are Some Important Facts You Must Know


Migration is old as man. And every attempt to stop the migration of the humankind has always failed or proved fatalistic. Humans will always move from one place to the other either in search of better life’s opportunities or out of sheer curiosity. 
 Atop today’s list of places to which to migrate is arguably and undoubtedly the most prosperous nation
on the planet – the United States of America.
If that is in your plan for the future, here are some of the tips provided by our experts that may prove useful as you make this rather important life’s decision:
1. With the understanding that you already have a valid international passport, you must ensure that you have at least a college degree or that you are eligible for admission into a bona fide American college or university. Or as an investor,
the US Federal government under the aegis of the US Department of Commerce has a program that guarantees a seamless pathway to gaining legal stay in any of the union’s 50 states and it is code named: EB-
2. With a specific amount, you are can invest in specific areas of the American economy that will qualify you and your children under the age of 21 years to not only receive the US alien visa otherwise known as the Green Card in under 18 months but to subsequently become a US citizen within a period of five years. For details, contact the AFRICA CONSULT GROUP team at [email protected] that works with the top US immigration law firm to assist you.  
3. Secondly, if you intend to relocate to the United States of America, it is important to know that evidences of a ‘healthy’ financial support that will satisfy the US authorities that you are unlikely to become an economic liability to the American tax-payer is very helpful and will be required.  
It is equally advisable that you have acquired a skill-set in any vocation in your country of origin that will assist you to settle down without much ado when you arrive in the United States.
4.  Finally, as you plan to relocate to the United States as an immigrant, it is highly advisable to identify support groups that will assist you with acquiring a Social Security number, a valid driver’s license, housing, finding employment, and locating communities where your ‘countrymen and women’ predominantly reside for moral and familial support because America can be quite lonely and impersonal compared to the social norms of most African and Middle Eastern societies. The AFRICA CONSULT GROUP team is also available to assist you with information in this regard.   

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