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Reviving Tourism in the Algerian Sahara

After fourteen years of closure, the Algerian Sahara is reopening its doors to international tourists. The government, Air Algérie (the national airline), and local organizations are dedicated to reviving tourism in the country with enthusiasm and determination.

Famous for its size and diversity of deserts, the Algerian Sahara offers incomparable scenery with mountains, rocky massifs, valleys, wadis, and dunes. This territory stands out for its diversity and history. Rock paintings and engravings are evidence of past civilizations that have inhabited these areas for two million years.

Crossing the Algerian Sahara is a journey of adventure and humanity. Accompanied by the Tuaregs, visitors discover and share the life of these desert men, ready to tell their stories and share knowledge of their territory. Locals say, “There are no tourists among the Saharans; there are only guests.”

Tour operators and agencies work hand in hand with Air Algérie and experts in southern Algeria to boost the country’s tourist potential.

The Algerian authorities are setting up an entry visa service system for individuals and groups based on the price of €110 or about $120 US.   Air Algérie and the government aim to facilitate entry into Algerian territory and issue visas within seven days.

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