Who Is The Nation of Islam?

FYI AFRICA The many faces of Africa around the world remains largely unheralded, unknown and at times, mythical. Weekly, our editors identify various subjects about Africa and unpack them for you. QUESTION Reserved for subscribers Answer: May 2023 marked 98 years since the birth of civil rights leader Malcolm X, formerly Malcolm Little. Malcolm X was […]

Reviving Tourism in the Algerian Sahara

TRAVEL & TOURISM – Enjoy the beauty of Africa, Caribbean and other exotic Black destinations. After fourteen years of closure, the Algerian Sahara is reopening its doors to international tourists. The government, Air Algérie (the national airline), and local organizations are dedicated to reviving tourism in the country with enthusiasm and determination. Famous for its […]

Discrimination or Bad Customer Service: Treatment of People of Color In American Stores

AFRICA THOUGHT – News features, commentaries, analyses, interviews & Op-ed. By Samantha N. N. Cross, Stephanie Dellande & Sterling Bone The big idea People from underrepresented ethnic and racial groups tend to rate poor customer service less negatively than white people do, according to new peer-reviewed research we co-authored. Many companies in the service sector, such as […]

How African leaders in Sierra Leone Helped Stop Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Not Britain

AFRICA THOUGHT – News features, commentaries, analyses, interviews & Op-ed. Reserved for subscribers Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone and haven for thousands of free slaves. Original Artwork: Hatch Collection. Hulton Archive/Getty Images By Bronwen Everill Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone on the west African coast, was named for the freed slaves who were returned […]