What We DO: How & Why We Do It...

Since 1989, The African Times-USA has consistently provided a broader worldview of the Black experience – historical, archival, intellectual, and has continually brought relevance and clarity to the contemporary media space and market-place as all these variables impact the lifestyles of Black people around the world.

With today’s emphasis on public Internet media, the focus of our new integrated lifestyle portal www.TheAfricanTimes.com serves as the flagship of our marketing media expertise which incorporates a missing link between the Black and Multi-Cultural market segment and the traditional brands and market opinion sectors with their differing perceptions on both sides. Our proprietary TOUCH-POINT ™ within our PERCEPTION ANALYTICS™ pro-vides consumer brands the means to reach one of the world’s largest consumer markets – the global Pan African demography.

To enhance the lifestyle and reality of our service, we provide an e-commerce platform the Africa Shopping Mart
™ which displays African grocery specialties (not readily found in local markets), cosmetics, books, and African wine selections, home-delivered in partnership with Black-owned distributors and businesses and serviced by Amazon.

The journalism/information part of the portal presents a realistic view of what the World can present to the Black World and Africa; conversely what Africa and the Black world can provide the World and continue our editorial tradition as “ Africa’s Influential Media Voice in America, Since 1989”.

Our central newsroom in Los Angeles is serviced by our contributing reporters and editors, some of who operate bureaus in Africa, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean, with lifestyle stories as our coverage range.

To make our coverage as realistic as possible the portal provides a direct hyperlink on our NEWS LINKS sec on with direct access to what the media and opinion leaders in Russia, China, Germany, France, the UK, and of course, Voice of America (VOA) have to say about Africa and the entire Black World.

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