Why Foreign Banks Are Absent In Nigeria?

AFRICA INC. – Rising economies, start-ups, and Black wealth, etc. Central Bank of Nigeria, Ibadan zonal office. Wikimedia Commons By Lilac Nachum & Chris Ogbechie  Privately owned Nigerian banks hold 94% of Nigerian banking assets. Only one other country in the world – Israel – has a higher share of ownership by local banks. The share of banking assets […]

Monarchy Faces A Balancing Act With Africa And The Rest of The Commonwealth

AFRICA THOUGHT – News features, commentaries, analyses, interviews & Op-ed. Queen Elizabeth touring the secretariat of Karu Local council, near Nigeria’s capital Abuja in 2003 By Roger Southall On her 21st birthday, 21 April 1947, when Britain’s Princess Elizabeth was accompanying her parents and her sister on a tour of South Africa, she spoke “to all the […]