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Seychelles Diversifies Offering With Sports Tourism In The Mix

Praslin has been identified as an area where sports tourism facilities can be explored. 

A number of sites have been identified in Seychelles to build facilities for sports tourism activities as part of the government’s plan to diversify the tourism industry, according to Devika Vidot, Minister for Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry.

Vidot explains that while tourism activities were Seychelles’ biggest source of income, there was a need to increase the amount that tourists spend during their stay. She emphasizes that sports tourism has been identified as an area with a lot of potential, especially water sports.

“We have already identified a number of sites where investors will be able to build facilities as part of this project, such as Beau Vallon, the Roche Caiman Sports Complex, Anse Royale, and even on Praslin,” she says. 

“The government’s plan for diversification of the economy is also centered on expanding tourism, fisheries and sports with new activities and investments.”

In line with this ongoing project, a sports arena has recently been confirmed to be in the works at the Beau Vallon Regatta site, set to feature a basketball court, gyms and even a boot camp facility. 

Seychellois investors will have priority over foreigners, although the government is aware that some of the projects require a lot of capital that can only be obtained from foreign investment, says Vidot. This is why the government is allowing foreigners to partner with local investors for their projects, Seychelles News Agency reports.

The Minister also notes that the Eco-Friendly Marathon back in 2008 was a good example of a way to bring in more visitors through sports. The marathon was initiated by Seychelles’ Honorary Consul General in South Korea, Dong Chang Jeong, to encourage people in Seychelles to stay healthy. The marathon has now become an annual event that attracts locals and foreigners working or holidaying in Seychelles, as well as foreign visitors.

Since 2018, Seychelles has also been hosting part of the International Swimming Federation’s open water swim world series. The project is organized in collaboration with the Ministries of Youth, Sports and Family, and Tourism and Foreign Affairs.

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