How Africans Cheered In The New Year In Local Greetings

FYI AFRICA The many faces of Africa around the world remains largely unheralded, unknown and at times, mythical. Weekly, our editors identify various subjects about Africa and unpack them for you. Afrikaans Gesondheid — is the Afrikaans word for cheers pronounced (ge-sund-hate) Afrikaans is a West Germanic language of Southern Africa mostly derived from Dutch. It developed as […]

Top Angolan Court Orders Seizure of Former First Daughter’s Assets

AFRICA INC. – Rising economies, start-ups, and Black wealth, etc. Angola’s Supreme Court recently ordered the preventive seizure of assets of Isabel dos Santos, daughter of former president Eduardo dos Santos deceased in July this year. This is the second seizure of Isabel dos Santos assets in Angola since 2019. The court order covers 100 […]

Washington Deploys DFC To counter China’s Economic War In Africa

AFRICA INC. – Rising economies, start-ups, and Black wealth, etc. The US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), which was relaunched two years ago, is increasing its activity on the African continent. Washington has made the DFC, which invests in the private sector, its key weapon for attracting African countries wooed by Beijing. When they visit […]

Pan African Film Festival Returns Next Month In Los Angeles

ARTS, STYLE & ENTERTAINMENT This is YOUR lifestyle gallery – of what is new and what is happening in the U.S. And the Black World, not excluding Africa. For this section if you have any news we should know about – let us know at: [email protected] The PAN AFRICAN FILM & ARTS FESTIVAL (PAFF) has announced that CHEVALIER will open […]

Black People Read’ (BPR) Campaign

AFRICA THOUGHT – News features, commentaries, analyses, interviews & Op-ed. The ‘Black People Read’ campaign has been launched. An initiative by The African Times/USA, it is designed to promote and sustain the reading culture among Black people around the world. In times past, it was often derisively said that if you want to hide something […]

ANALYSIS: Who Will Replace Buhari As President When Nigerians Go To The polls Next Month?

AFRICA THOUGHT – News features, commentaries, analyses, interviews & Op-ed. Asks Caleb Onyeabor/Analysis Exclusive to The African Times/USA Next month’s presidential election in Nigeria is likely to mark a defining moment in the political history of Africa’s most populous nation. This 2023 Presidential elections in Nigeria is going to be a lot different in many […]