Day Nigerian Presidential Candidate Bared His Heart To The African Times-USA

Attorney Edwin IK Aimufua, a Los Angeles alum who is primed to contest for Nigeria’s highest political office – the Presidency – in 2023, recently paid a courtesy visit to the offices of The African Times-USA in California. During the visit, Mr. Aimufua talked of his political agenda for his native Nigeria which will be based on Integrity and accountability “from the grassroots up”.

In a hearty chat with the editor-in-chief, Mr. Charles Anyiam and senior contributing editor, Ben Edokpayi, he regretted the low point at which Nigeria finds itself due to so many avoidable circumstances.

“Nigeria is undoubtedly a major force. That’s why some of us have given up our stay abroad to join in the job of redeeming our country. I’m also joining the ruling party, APC, because it’s easier to effect change from within than from the opposition”.

He then seized the opportunity to outline his vision about how to bring about the rebirth of Nigeria, and reminded his hosts of the important declaration made by the late Nelson Mandela about what the a stable democracy in Nigeria will mean to the Black World.

At lunch later at a Nigerian restaurant in a Los Angeles suburb, Mr. Aimufua took time to engage in impassioned discussions with other diners from who were mostly Nigerians about the need to keep their focus on how best to influence political trends back home as the 2023 presidential election looms in the horizon. One of them was a gentleman, a 5G technician based in DC but was in Los Angeles on official duties on behalf of his employers – the phone giant – TMobile.