February Cover British Vogue/The Times’ Comment

British Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Edward Enninfula broke the color line in the world of high fashion with the February cover of his magazine which featured top Black models who are members of the British and the overall European runway. Auspiciously, all the models were chosen from Africa.

And as great as it is for the sake of overall progress in the high fashion industry, the fact is that the editor’s choice of the color of the models curiously suggests something much more instructive – the era for the acknowledgment of the distinctiveness of the Blue-Black hue in the choice of fashion labels among consumers is finally here with us. And for leading Fashion Houses, it is the season to go Blue-Black, and nothing in-between.

“No longer just one or two dark-skinned girls mingled backstage, but a host of top models took a meaningful, substantial and equal place among the most successful women working in fashion today. It means so much to me to see it,” he said.


what the cover distinctly set out to establish is that Black models must be Blue-Black in complexion rather than anything else. Equally, it affirmed that Black models come in all shades.

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September Gray is the brain behind the eponymous gallery September Gray Fine Art in Atlanta. Her credential as one to reflect on art and the Black art presence started at The Art School at DePaul University, then with an art consultancy business and eventually her own space in Atlanta, where she fills the current void representing African American artists and African Diaspora art.


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