Food Journey Through Africa

By Clinton Moodley   

Africa is a destination that boasts some of the world’s most gorgeous landscapes, friendliest people and eco-friendly wildlife experiences. The food scene is equally impressive.

Let us take you on a foodie journey through Africa; you may wish to take notes!

South Africa

The country is famed for its multicultural food experiences. Sink your teeth into a bunny chow, a hollowed-out bread filled with a curry of your choice, or a shisanyama with braai meat and sides. In Bo-Kaap, enjoy a Cape Malay curry.

For dessert, sample the country’s malva pudding and milk tart. South Africa has a rich wine culture, with wine estates scattered across the Western Cape. There is also a few in KwaZulu-Natal.


When in Botswana, try the national dish called seswaa. The pounded meat dish is loved by the locals. Matemekwane, a dumpling stuffed with meat and vegetable, is also a popular dish for travelers.


Namibia has many South African food influences, with braais and bobotie on most menus. Travelers can also enjoy a plate of oshifima – a Namibian stiff porridge made from pearl millet flour.


A trip to Mozambique will heighten your culinary senses. Sink your teeth into peri peri chicken or tuck into a fresh seafood dish. Try Matapa, a meal prepared with cassava leaves.


Eswatini has strong South African and Portuguese influence. Try umbidvo wetintsanga, a meal made with boiled pumpkin leaves and nuts. Braai food is also popular.


The staple meal in Kenya is ugali, a meal made from either maize, sorghum or millet. Pair it with nyama choma, a specialty of grilled goat meat.


Dining in Uganda is a treat. Feast on matooke, a type of plantain, or try the Luwombo, a traditional Ugandan dish cooked in a banana leaf. End a meal with mandazi, like doughnuts.


Madagascar is renowned for romazava, the country’s national dish. Lasary, a dish made with cabbage, green beans and carrots, is also a winning dish for guests.


Like its picturesque sights, Zanzibar’s foodie scene rivals many destinations on the continent. Expect dishes with loads of spice. Try the Zanzibar pizza, which is not your traditional style pizza, biryani (also famous in India) and urojo soup.


Koshari is Egypt’s national dish. The meal consists of spiced lentils, rice, tomato sauce, pasta and chickpeas. Other popular dishes include molokhia soup and ta’ameya.


Ethiopians are also big on coffee, the country’s national drink. Coffee drinking is a ritual for locals that can take up to an hour.

Their food is equally impressive. Most meals are served on injera, a sourdough-risen flatbread made with teff flour. People use the injera to scoop up whatever is served, whether a curry or meat. The Dabo Kolo, an Ethiopian snack prepared with roasted barley, chickpeas and peanuts, is available at street vendors and kiosks.


Tanzania’s style of food packs a punch. Tuck into local barbecue, Chipsi mayai (chips and egg), nyama choma and ugali (see Kenya).


Zimbabwe’s foodie scene is among the most beloved on the continent. When here, eat sadza (also known as ugali) and Mopane worms. Or try Chimodho, a wood oven baked maize bread. Wash it down with locally brewed beer called usthwala or the non-alcoholic option of maheu.


Mauritius has Indian, French, English, Creole and Chinese cuisine influences. Try the dholl puri, the country’s national dish, or a beautifully spiced rich tomato stew with sausages. Other options include biryani, vindaye and an upside-down bowl called Bol Renverse.


Moroccan food is loved all over the world. Couscous, the national dish of Morocco, and tagine are some of the many dishes to enjoy during your trip. Other meals include zalouk, harira and b’ssara. Wash it down with mint tea.

And there is more – Algeria, Ghana, Senegal… etc. etc. see you next time! To sample these culinary exotica, visit the Grocery Section of AFRICA SHOPPING MART at to order exclusive ingredients home-delivered by AMAZON for shipping and handling. Bon Appetite!