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Gabon: Can a Nation Replace Its Oil Wealth with Trees?

The nation of Gabon is so lush with forests and wildlife its nickname is Africa’s Eden. It’s also one of the continent’s major oil producers. According to a New York Times report, Gabon is engaging in activities that have become dirty words in the world of climate activism: It allows palm-oil plantations in certain areas and is turning rainforest into plywood. However, unlike Brazil and other countries that have stood by as rainforests are decimated, Gabon has adopted strict rules designed to keep the vast majority of its trees standing. Its aim is to strike an important balance between the needs of a single nation and those of a world facing a climate crisis. New York Times

South African Tourism (SAT) has appointed Kristy Angellotti as the Head of Trade Relations North America. In her new role, Angellotti will connect with the SAT North America team to develop current relationships with North American travel trade partners


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