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 Poll Has Donald Trump Ahead of President Biden Among African Americans

In the recent poll conducted by The African Times/USA within African American communities, an interesting trend has emerged, showcasing a substantial lead for Donald Trump over Joe Biden. The data suggests a notable preference within this demographic, with 58.4% expressing support for Trump compared to 41.6% for Biden. This shift indicates a significant divergence from previous voting patterns and reflects a current voting choice of the African American electorate. The poll reveals the two major issues at the top of the concerns of African American voters.


Moving beyond overall voting preferences, the survey addressed specific concerns related to the economy. Within this context, respondents expressed dissatisfaction with Biden’s economic policies, revealing an approval rating of 34.7% and a disapproval rating of 65.3%. Notably, black-owned small businesses faced particular challenges, with entrepreneurs like Jamar Michael, a small business owner, stating, “Biden’s policies have adversely impacted black-owned businesses, and we can’t afford to ignore that reality.” This sentiment was echoed by Jane Duante, a business owner, who emphasized, “Trump understood our economic needs, and we felt a sense of empowerment during his tenure and that is why we want him back”

These sentiments collectively underscore a prevailing discontentment with the current economic trajectory among African American voters, contributing to the observed shift in favor of Donald Trump. The desire for change in leadership, particularly in addressing the struggles faced by black-owned enterprises, stands out as a prominent factor influencing voter sentiment within this community.

Foreign Policy

Members of the African American communities have expressed notable disapproval of President Biden’s Foreign Policy, particularly in relation to his handling of the Russian-Ukraine war and the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

Critics within this demographic argue that Biden’s approach to the Russian-Ukraine conflict has been deemed a disaster. They argue that supporting the continued war in Ukraine makes no sense as it has been at the expense of American citizens and taxpayers who have to endure economic hard times while the government spends billions of taxpayers money on a war that is mostly likely lost. This sentiment underscores a frustration among African Americans who believe that resources should be prioritized to address pressing issues at home before extending significant aid abroad.

Also there’s discontent with Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict especially the sluggishness in pushing for a humanitarian ceasefire. Critics within African American communities contend that if Donald Trump were president, these conflicts may not have escalated to their current levels, and American resources would not have been utilized to support allies while domestic needs go unmet.

Despite the evident shifts in sentiment towards Donald Trump within African American communities, a lingering sense of reservation persists among voters. Some perceive Trump as unconventional or even “mad,” referencing his unorthodox approach to governance. However, this sentiment is juxtaposed with an acknowledgment of his perceived effectiveness. According to Professor Ali, a Professor of American Government and Politics, “the choice for them is either voting for a mad president who knows how to get the economy to work for them or vote for a passive Biden who has disappointed them”.

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