The African Times Launches Foreign Currency Converter Portal, to Partner with Global Financial Brands.

The African Times USA launches foreign currency converter portal to help thousands of students, tourists, business men and women as well as investors to be able to know the value of a currency against another currency before making international financial payments decisions.
The portal is open and accessible to people in Africa and in diaspora. It is powered by artificial intelligence technology which ensures that the rates are automatically updated from official financial sources in the different countries.


1. International students from Africa who intend to know the value of their local currency against the currency of their destination country before making international payments.

2. Tourists who intend to know the value of the local currency against the currency of the country they intend to visit.

3. Importers and exporters who wish to be updated with knowledge of the value of international trade currencies.

4. Investors who need to know the value of the currencies of countries of interest as a way of ascertain the country’s economic health before making financial investment decisions.

5. Members of the public who wish to, for knowledge sake, know how their country’s currency is performing against other countries in the world.

This foreign currency converter portal is a value added service by the African times USA based on demands by thousands of its readers who make frequent international payments or are involved in one or more international financial transactions from studies, to tourism and business.

Visit the Foreign Currency Converter Portal Here – Foreign Currency Converter Portal

Partnership with Global Financial Brand

In a bid to help its readers, the foreign currency converter portal by the African Times USA is a first step. Going forward, the African Times USA is partnering with global financial brands to bring financial solutions and Information to her readers base and members of the public who intend to meet international financial needs


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